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1u 19'' 96 Fibers MPO/MTP Patch Panel

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MPO/MTP Patch Panel is used to interconnect MTP/MPO backbones with LC or SC patching It has been designed to accept LC duplex adaptors up to 96 fibres housed within a 1U space. With the ability to use a full array adaptor types offering a flexible solution to the end user, enabling them to incorporate a multi functional panel which offers a cost effective option for installations.


Space saving design
High performance and reliability
Save installation time and labor
Available in 96 fiber configurations
Provide narrow solution for high density application


Data center infrastructure
Storage area network
Optical switch and router
Emerging 40Gbps and 100Gbps protocols compatible


Fiber Type
SM FerruleSM Low-Loss FerruleMM FerruleMM Low-Loss Ferrule
Insertion Typical (dB)0.350.100.350.10
Insertion Maximum (dB)0.700.350.600.35
Return Loss (dB)PC≥50, UPC≥55, APC≥65
Male/FemaleMale: With Pins Female: Without Pins
Repeatability(dB)≤0.2 500 Times
Operating Temperature(ºC)-40~+85



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1u 19__ 96 Fibers MPO_MTP Patch Panel

1u 19__ 96 Fibers MPO_MTP Patch Panel

1u 19__ 96 Fibers MPO_MTP Patch Panel